A 1,000-year-old runestone found on the same farm where a silver hoard was found 14 years ago

A 1,000-year-old runestone found on the same farm where a silver hoard was found 14 years ago

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It is a stela in honor of a deceased, erected at the same time that a treasure of silver coins was buried, found on the same farm 14 years ago.

Lennart Larsson, the owner of a farm near Loftahammar town in southern Sweden, discovered a runestone while doing agricultural work.

The man found the piece of rock, almost two meters long and one meter wide, two years ago. So he kept it for later use on his farm. However, he recently noticed carvings on the stone and contacted archaeologists.

When studying the stone, the specialists determined that it is a stele in honor of a deceased. «Gardar erected this stone after Sigdjarv, his father, Ogard's husband«, Reads the text accompanied by an animal that frames the inscription, biting its tail.

"It isthis year's find or better than that ”, highlighted the importance of the artifact by the runologist Magnus Kallstrom, who deciphered the inscription, in an interview with a local media. He added that the animal's design suggests it was created in thefirst half of the 11th century.

That dating makes the discovery even more interesting, since in 2006 a treasure trove of silver coins was found on the same farm, the latest of which was minted in 1020, said archaeologist Veronica Palm.

"They were probably from the same family, perhaps the treasure was buried and the runestone was erected at the same time," the researcher commented.

The stele is expected to be cleaned and displayed to the public in late fall.

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