Vikings' grave discovered under the floor of their home in Norway

Vikings' grave discovered under the floor of their home in Norway

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A couple living in northern Norway disassembled the floor of their home to install insulation when they discovered a glass bead and aviking ax, findings, which according to several archaeologists, indicate the presence of aancient tomb.

«We did not immediately realize what it was. At first we thought it was the wheel of a toy car“Says Mariann Kristiansen, a resident of Seivag, a town near Bodo, told NRK.

Archaeologist Martinus Hauglid, who visited his home last Monday, has stated that the objects were discovered under stones that probably belong to an ancient Viking tomb.

«We have discovered an ax datedbetween AD 950 and 1050. and oneglass bead dark blue, also from the late Viking period ',the archaeologist specified to The Local.

Hauglid said he had not heard of such a find under a hearth in the nearly 30-year span of his scientific career.

The finds have been sent to the Tromso museum, and an archaeological team continues to excavate under the house.

Kristiansen has related that his great-great-grandfather had built this house in1914 but that his family had never spoken of any Viking tombs.

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