Review and free book of ‘The Avenger of Women’ by Lope Vega

Review and free book of ‘The Avenger of Women’ by Lope Vega

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For people who are not yet familiar with the work of Lope de Vega "The avenger of women”We will be able to have a first-hand opinion of the talent of that artist.

Felix Lope de Vega It was born in Madrid on November 25, 1562 and is also known as “El Fénix de los Ingenios”.

This book focuses on Laura, a beautiful young princess who does not have the best opinion of men, so he spends most of his time studying from science to history, among other subjects.

Laura is a skilled woman with an outstanding intellect and quickly realizes that man has established himself as the center of the universe, forgetting his female counterpart.

Laura not only reads, but also constantly debate with their male counterparts, this encourages her to open a school for her cousins ​​where they exchange knowledge.

However, one of the threads of the novel is that her cousin is determined to get her a husband and she constantly rejects the idea of ​​being a submissive woman.

A work with a strong feminist charge

In this work we will find endless scenes such as battles, debates and even something unthinkable for its time such as homosexuality.

It is important to note that in ‘The avenger of women’ we can see an impressive advance that can easily confuse the reader and fall into the error of considering a work of this time. This not only shows the great advance in his works, but the progressive sense of the author.

We must not stop reading this work by this famous author, regardless of our gender, age and opinion, as it shows us that it is possible to be a defender of equal rights without falling into mediocrity.

And what, in the end. We can give the opportunity to transcend our comfort zone, as our protagonist shows.

Here you can read for free ‘The Avenger of Women’ by Lope de Vega.

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