The best places to visit in Italy

The best places to visit in Italy

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Italy is an endless country where each region has its own gastronomy and its particular landscapes. With unique corners, magical fountains and a culture with much to offer, Italy remains one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. What are the best places to visit in Italy? Here we tell you.

Rome: the eternal city

The Italian capital is undoubtedly a destination that cannot be overlooked. A city crossed by a river and centuries of history, ranging from Ancient Rome to today. Many types of cities and many traces of history coexist here. For this reason, doing one of the guruwalks in Rome is a perfect way to get in touch with the city.

Those most interested in history will have to walk through theRoman Forum, the Colosseum or Trajan's Column. Rome is a city that was built on top of the city and, as such, remains from that time can still be found today. The places where Julius Caesar walked or the place where he was assassinated, the Roman State Senate, can be visited today in the capital.

Beyond the ancient civilizations, Rome has some of theart galleries richest in the world, with the Vatican Museums or the Borghese Gallery. At the same time, monuments,Bernini fountains in Piazza Navona, thechurches that populate its streets or the river that runs through the center and separates theTrastevere neighborhood they are some of the most valuable places to visit in Rome.

Sicily: food and Greek heritage

On the island that crowns the "boot" of Italian geography, you can also find remains of another great ancient civilization, the Greek. The Valley of the Temples, in Agrigento, or the Temple of Segesta are samples in perfect condition of the archaeological sites of Magna Grecia.

Beyond that, Sicily is known for maintaining an Italian air and naturalness that escapes in continental Italy. Its cities and its small streets can be the protagonists of great walks, its beaches and its natural areas, such as theMount Etna waveTurks scaleThey are places that are worth knowing, especially if you are a nature lover.

Above all, Sicily is also known for having a particular and unique gastronomy, with different specialties in each town and with specific ways of understanding pasta and life. Try aarancino in Catania, adefinition in Bagheria or acannoli in Palermo, or anywhere on the island, it is a highly suggestive and unforgettable experience for the senses.

Florence and Tuscany: the Renaissance and Art

If there is a point that houses the most important works of theRenaissance and that is a living witness of what that time meant in the long Italian history is Florence, in Tuscany.

With two of the most visited museums in the country, theAccademia and theUffizi Gallery, the city houses theDavid of Michelangelo, as well as some of the most impressive squares and panoramic views known.

The term Stendhal syndrome, or Florence, born in this Italian city is a psychosomatic disorder that defines what the traveler experiences when exposed to overwhelming works of art. The French author identified it when he visited the Cathedral and the religious temple complex in Florence, where the heart beat at such a vision.

Bologna and renewed youth

Further north is Bologna, the capital of the Emilia-Romagna region and also the seat of the oldest university in the West, founded in 1088. Not for nothing, the city is known for avibrant college life which makes it full of students and young people throughout the year, making it a perfect city to discover a different and more nocturnal Italy.

With its distinguished towers in the city center, Bologna vibrates with an amalgam of visitors from all countries and origins. The stuffed pasta specialty known as ravioli comes from this city characterized by its yellow buildings and internal courtyards.

The border with Austria: Bolzano

The north of the country is also a suggestive and different vision that can amaze all types of travelers. Beyond Trento, in Bolzano, gastronomic specialties and naturemerge with Austria and they give rise to a very particular area.

With a more modern urban area than the previous ones, the natural enclave of the territory is a must for nature lovers, especially in winter.

With an average of more than 100 million tourists a year, Italy is a perfect destination for summer and autumn, thanks to its warm climate and the possibility of visiting its Mediterranean beaches. A destination with much to offer and that will delight all types of travelers.

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