Short Biography of Astronomer Camille Flammarion

Short Biography of Astronomer Camille Flammarion

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Camille Flammarion was a French astronomer born in Montigny-le-Roi the February 26, 1842, and died in Juvisy-sur-Orge on June 3, 1925. In 1858 he entered the Paris Observatory, in addition to working for four years at the Office of Longitudes and, successively, directed Cosmos.

He founded the monthly magazine L’Astronomie (1882) and had a private observatory in Juvisy, near Paris. For the general public, Flammarion was known above all as a brilliant popularizer of astronomy, one of the most translated and popular.

At the same time, founded the Astronomical Society of France in 1887.

He was the first person to suggest current names of Triton, moon of Neptune, and of Amalthea, Jupiter's moon, although they were accepted many decades later.

In his honor, we found his name in a crater on Mars (due to his numerous observations on this planet), and the famous Flammarion crater of our moon.

Works by Camille Flammarion:

The Pluralité des mondes habités (1862)
Les Mondes imaginaires et les mondes réels (1865)
Études et lectures sur l’astronomie (9 volumes, 1866-1880)
Dieu dans la nature (1869)
Contemplations scientifiques (1870)
L’Atmosphère (1871)
Récits de l’infini (1872)
Lumen, histoire d’une comète (1872)
Dans l’infini (1872)
Les Terres du ciel (1877)
Atlas céleste (1877)
Cartes de la Lune et de la planète Mars (1878)
Catalog des étoiles doubles en mouvement (1878)
Astronomie sidérale (1879)
Astronomie populaire (1880), his best known work.
Le Monde avant la création de l’homme (1885)
Les Comètes, les étoiles et les planètes (1886)
Uranie (1889)
Centralization et discussion de toutes les observations faites sur Mars (2 volumes, 1892-1902)
La Fin du monde (1894)
Les Imperfections du calendrier (1901)
Les Phénomènes de la foudre (1905)
L’Atmosphère et les grands phénomènes de la nature (1905)
L’Inconnu et les problèmes psychiques (1917)
La Mort et son mystère (1917)

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