The Baggush Fort (Baggush Box)

The Baggush Fort (Baggush Box)

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The Baggush Fort, known by its English name ‘Baggush Box', It was a World War II British Army Field Fortification.

It was built 56 km east of Mersa Matruh and near Maaten Bagush, in the Western Desert in Egypt, and was employed during the Western Desert Campaign of the Second War.

The fortification was built by soldiers from the Western desert force under the command of Lieutenant General Richard O'Connor, like a tent camp with offices that were located under the dunes and made them bomb-proof.

His mission was to serve as a temporary military camp for troops participating in operations against the Italian invasion of Egypt in 1940.

It was enabled on June 8, 1940 and also had a A short distance away airfield that served as the headquarters of the Desert Air Force.

Operation Compass

The Operation Compass (also called "The Battaglia della Marmarica”Was the first major Allied military operation of the Western Desert Campaign (1940-1943) during World War II.

In it, from December 1940 to February 1941, the Western Desert Force, under the command of Richard O'Connor, advanced from Fort Baggush with 36,000 men, in a five-day raid against the Italian positions of the Tenth Army under the command of Marshal Rodolfo Graziani, who had 150,000 men in fortified posts around Sidi Barrani, in Egypt, and in Cyrenaica (Libya).

The Italian army was quickly defeated, and the British continued with the operation chasing the remains of the army to Beda Fomm and El Agheila, in the Gulf of Sirte (Libya).

The British captured more than 138,000 Italian soldiers, and took hundreds of tanks, weapons and aircraft, while their casualties were 1,900 men killed or wounded (10% of their infantry).

When the British army reached El Aghelia, it had to stop its advance by Winston Churchill orders, because he needed to send troops to Greece immediately after starting the Balkan campaign.

At this time, Hitler would give the order to start the Operation Sonnenblume, which would mean the arrival of Afrika Korps and the general Erwin rommel, which would change the course of the war in Africa.

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